Drillaby: Release Notes

Current version: 

Version 1.3, posted March 5, 2014.

What's New in Version 1.3

Addition of /s/ and /s-blend/ sounds
Bug fix when selecting /l/ sound


Previous Versions:

Version 1.2 posted on October 23, 2013

Supports BLE – also known as Bluetooth low energy – connection with Drillaby Remote, to control the scoring buttons on one IOS device from a different IOS device*.

Drillaby Remote

Kids love playing Drillaby, and Drillaby Pro, but they may score themselves too generously. Take control with Drillaby Remote.  
This app works with Drillaby and Drillaby Pro so that the scoring buttons appear on your IOS device while your child practices her words on her IOS device.

What happens to my apps if I lose my iPad?

We slogged through a blizzard to attend the Metro SLN Conference in Denver in early February and were impressed with the number of hearty SLPs who made it to the event. We enjoyed talking with folks who were just learning about all the speech therapy apps available for the iPad.

One of the first visitors to our booth asked about backing up her client data to iCloud. Now, we hadn’t been asked this question before. So, we checked with our Chief Software Engineer (and technology therapist) to see what back-up options therapists have in the event they ever lost their precious iPads.

Speech Therapy App Symposium

Come see us at the Metro Speech Language Symposium on Friday, February 3rd and Saturday the 4th at the Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows and pick up your list of recommended apps.  Stop by our table and demo some apps made especially for SLPs and learn how we've effectively incorporated speech therapy apps into our daily speech therapy sessions.


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