Mobile Speech Therapy Apps

Speech therapy mobile apps

SLP TechTools produces IOS articulation apps for speech-language pathologists and their young clients from 3 -12 years old. The apps are designed by speech therapists with decades of experience working with children in private clinics and school based settings. That means we strive to make our apps easy to use, engaging and fun for the kids and flexible enough for you record performance data as you choose.

SLP Minimal Pairs gives speech therapists maximum control of the each session. All buttons are oriented near the therapist and away from the child. The pictures will not change nor will the voiced word repeat unless the therapist pushes the button. Voice recording and playback are available for immediate feedback. Custom pairs are available as an In App purchase.

Drillaby and Drillaby Pro are game apps designed to give kids lots of opportunities to practice their sounds while playing a motivating game. Drillaby was designed by certified speech-language pathologists. This articulation game includes a choice of six sound groups, 3 word positions and 3 levels of difficulty.

A great benefit of Drillaby and Drillaby Pro is that they provide a fun way to do homework between therapy sessions. The child's therapist will recommend what sound and what difficulty level the child should work on. Parents can email the record of their child's practice sessions to their therapist.

All apps are produced at Straka Speech in Colorado Springs, CO to help correct phonological errors and help kids say their sounds better.